Week Four- A Savior is Born 


December 21st MEDITATE ON LUKE 2:8–20. What does the humble audience chosen for this angelic announcement emphasize about Christ and his purpose? How are you challenged by the shepherds’ response to Christ? 


December 22nd READ LUKE 2:22–38. Consider Simeon’s and Anna’s experiences on this day and in the many years leading up to it. How do their stories challenge you? How does their witness inspire you? 


December 23rd REFLECT ON MATTHEW 2:1–12. (Optionally, also read Isaiah 11:10 and 60:1–10.) 

What stands out to you in the Magi’s response to Christ’s birth? How does the Magi’s joyful worship emphasize Christ’s purpose? 


December 24th CONTEMPLATE JOHN 1:1–18. (Optionally, also read John 12:23–36 and Philippians 2:6–11.)  

Ponder the mystery and glory of the Incarnation. What spiritual responses—like worship, trust, hope—are stirred up in you? 


December 25th REVISIT ISAIAH 9:6–7; LUKE 2:4–7; AND 1 PETER 1:3–5, 13.  

Ponder Isaiah’s prophesy in light of Christ’s first coming and the Second Advent we await. How does your hope in Christ’s return and eternal reign deepen your understanding of his birth? How can it enrich your celebration of Christmas? 


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