1. Pray for our most recent new attendees that God would lead them to make a commitment to both Him and His church here at FCC. We are have another Pizza with the Pastor luncheon on July 23rd. Pray that most of our new attendees will attend the luncheon.
  2. Continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for our minister and elders as they lead our church. Pray that all their decisions are led by the Holy Spirit. Pray they’d have an understanding of the times we live in, the community we serve in and the congregation we shepherd. 
  3. Pray for Unity: Ask God to strengthen the bonds of love and unity among the members of our church, that we may work together in harmony for His kingdom.
  4. Pray for Spiritual Growth: Seek God’s guidance and grace for each individual in the church, that they may grow in their faith, deepen their relationship with God, and be transformed by His Word.
  5. Pray for the Leadership: Intercede for the pastors, elders, and leaders of the church, that they may be filled with wisdom, discernment, and strength to lead the congregation effectively and shepherd God’s people.
  6. Pray for Healing: Lift up those in our congregation who are battling physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments. Pray for God’s healing touch and comfort to be upon them.  
  7. Pray for Families: Pray for the strengthening and restoration of families within our church, that God’s love and grace may abound in their relationships, and that they may serve as a shining example of Christ’s love to others.
  8. Pray for Youth and Children: Lift up the young generation in our church, praying for their spiritual growth, protection, and guidance. Ask God to raise up strong leaders among them who will carry the torch of faith into the future.
  9. Pray for Financial Provision: Seek God’s provision for the financial needs of the church and its ministries. Pray for generous hearts within the congregation and divine provision to carry out the work of the Kingdom.
  10. Pray for Missions: Lift up missionaries and mission organizations supported by our church, asking God to protect them, empower them, and bless their efforts in spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
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