Sunday Adult Study Groups

9:00 am Sunday Adult Study Groups

We believe it’s important to know the message of the Bible so FCC offers a variety of adult study groups to meet the needs of different people. We have a men’s group, a women’s group, couple’s groups and young adult groups. The content of the classes range from a study through the Bible to a topical study to an informal question and answer type of Bible discussion.

Willing Workers Class- Room 303
Many of our Senior Adults attend this class which follows the International Sunday School Curriculum schedule.

Gal’s Class- Room 405
About 25 ladies come together to study topics pertinent to being a woman of God

Pastor’s Class – Room 403
This class is led by our pastor, Michael Cassara, and is attended by adults across the age span. We are presently studying the life of Christ.

Men’s Class- Room 101
A smaller number of men gather for in-depth and sometimes intense discussions of topics related to God and His Word.

Q&A Class- Fellowship Hall
Our Associate Minister, Daryl Pratt leads this group of about 25 as they attempt to provide Biblical Answers to questions class members ask.

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